Bombay Rockers[1] is a Danish/Indian band, popular in India. Their debut album Introducing has gone five times platinum with sales of over 100,000 albums.
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In 2002, the Indian singer Navtej Singh Rehal[2] (Naf) was introduced to the Scandinavian producer-team WCA (Thomas Sardorf and Janus Barnewitz) and started out mixing a hybrid of R&B, Hip Hop and Bhangra-influenced vocals, reflecting on their varied cultural backgrounds. Naf, 27, delivers the Punjabi vocals. Thomas, also 27, performs with English vocals.

Their first collaboration, "Ari Ari", got massive national airplay in Denmark and became a favourite of left field DJs. In July 2003, Bombay Rockers went on stage with the house duo Filur at Roskilde Festival in front of roughly 25,000 people.[3] A month later they were

Sowmya Raoh (born 18 April) is an Indian playback singer who has performed in Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu languages. Sowmya started her career as a singer in south Indian films in 1993, and got a break in Bollywood nine years later. Her major breakthrough happened when composer Sandeep Chowta was looking for a singer who could sing well in Hindi. He chose Sowmya for a song ("Greekuveerudu") in the Telugu film Ninne Pelladata. The song gave her a much needed breakthrough. She went on to record the song in the Tamil and Hindi versions too. Sowmya started her career in Bollywood in 2000. Her first assignment was for the song "Soul of Jungle", followed by a background track for the film Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. Company was her first as a singer in Hindi. By this time she also sang for other Hindi films such as Dum and Bunty Aur Babli. Having worked with composers such as Ilaiyaraaja and A. R. Rahman, she recorded over 200 songs in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, as of 2006.

Aftab Shivadasani is an Indian actor who appears in Bollywood films. He started as a child actor in commercials and has performed in over 40 films. He also co-wrote and helped produce the film Aao Wish Karein. He started his career as a child artist in the movie Mr. India. Wins 2000: Zee Cine Award for Best Male Debut for Mast 2000: Star Screen Award for Most Promising Newcomer – Male for Mast 2002: Zee Cine Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role for Kasoor Nominations 2002: Filmfare Best Villain Award for Kasoor

Sonu Nigam is and Internationally known Super Star Based out of India. He has ruled the charts and been at the top for more than a decade.He's not just a singer, he's a total package. He's a dancer, a host, A radio DJ, plays several instruments, a composer, writer and lyricist, a great mimic and can pull off many roles on stage. He's a pioneer of Indian Music and has gotten Indian music recognized worldwide by collaborating with International stars such as Britney Spears, MR Vegas Reggae Legend, Avici, Mann the Rapper and others. and the only one that Britney He has an English international album in the works. He has sung in more than 35 languages, more than 8000 songs, acted in movies, hosted GIMA awards- GLOBAL INDIAN MUSIC AWARDS,SareGama- reality based show and has judged Indian Idol and X Factor in India. He has performed do over 3000 concerts in India and worldwide. He composes music, writes lyrics. Girls and boys equally swoon over and older generation loves and respects th

A record deal for a 19 year old coming from the streets of Atlanta is something that most artists only dream of, but for one rising Atlanta rapper, nicknamed Shawty Boy, it just came true. “When I signed my deal with EMG I got on a plane for the first time, says Shawty Boy, its amazing what you can do when you work hard and believe in yourself.” Shawty Boy, born Antonio G. Watson (July 6, 1991) to Carmeica Watson and Gabriel Payne, is the first born and oldest sibling of Chaz’min Watson and Shane Battle. His inspiration and love of hip-hop started at a young age. As a teenager, his parent’s split caused his mother to relocate from his current home at Mechanicville Project’s to Bankhead Highway. Drug’s and crime forced the family to move yet again to Douglasville, GA, which would become the foundation for Shawty to discover music. Shawty’s hardships inspired him to start writing rap lyrics to express himself, in a place where he felt he needed a voice. “Hip-hop was my outlet to express

Slick talk, fly walk, let the legend begin. So starts the story of Portable Payback. Comprised of Soup and Marc 7 formerly of the world famous hip hop group Jurassic 5. The two connected musically on the recording of of J5?s Power In Numbers album on the song “High Fidelity”, the song really opened the door for us to say to ourselves, “Hey we have a great vibe as a duo” say’s Marc 7. Musically we have no limits as Portable Payback and are free to go into and explore all types of beats and concepts as well as lyrical content” say’s Soup. ” I felt at times with J5 we were pigeon held to be these perfect people and couldn’t talk about certain things or even curse for that matter” say’s Marc 7. With Portable Payback the sky’s the limit for the duo and their soon to be released full length album will prove their point. Soup got his first taste of the music business with the group Rebels Of Rhythm alongside high school friends Akil and Afrika. Marc 7 got his start with the group Unity Commit

In an era where MCs either become moguls or yesterday’s news, multi-talented Khleo Thomas is a force to be reckoned with. The LA-based MC began his career as a young actor. Mostly known for his role in Disney’s Holes, where he played “Zero” alongside Shia LaBeouf and co-wrote the theme song “Dig It,” In which was featured on the Holes soundtrack and maintained its spot at #1 on Radio Disney for 12 consecutive weeks. His big screen debut created a worldwide fan base, known as “Team Khleo,” which motivated the young star to dominate the entertainment world. The young actor continued to make his presence known in Hollywood. From MGM’s Walking Tall opposite “The Rock” to his recent cameo in the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy, it’s undeniable that Khleo is unstoppable. His leading role in the feature film The Hurricane Season led him to work opposite Academy Award Winner Forest Whitaker. In addition, he starred in Sony Pictures’ Dirty, 20th Century Fox’s Roll Bounce and New Line Cinema’s Fri

We want to make music that’s timeless,” says Alien Ant Farm guitarist Terry Corso. “We want to do songs that don’t come out of a mold but still have the qualities that make a song click. We like to have a good time and be goofy – we’re just regular Joes – but when it comes to making music and connecting with our fans, everything else is secondary.

On the eve of the release of Only Human, there is a sense of optimism amongst the members of 12 Stones. The band has worked hard for the past decade, spending months and years away from family while on the road in search of the stability a successful career brings. The missing links of their line-up have been solidified, and there is a new partner in independent record label Executive Music Group. All together, fate has caught up with the band in a positive way. Since 2007, the trio of vocalist Paul McCoy, lead guitarist Eric Weaver, and rhythm guitarist Justin Rimer has been the core of 12 Stones. Mike McManus joined in 2010, with Brad Reynolds becoming the band’s bassist recently, continuing the build the legacy that began in Mandeville, Louisiana over a decade ago in 2000. When asked about what each brings to the table when it comes to influences, singer McCoy reveals, “each and every member of this band has a personality that is unique. We all grew up in different areas and love di

Karamel is a British Asian from Birmingham whose affliction for music started at an early age. While listening to artists and singers like SWV, Boyz II Men, Aaliyah and R.Kelly, Karamel has firmly developed her passion for R&B/Soul singing. At the age of 6, Karamel got her first keyboard, and she got her first guitar at the age of 7. By the age of 9, she started writing songs and realised she had a keen interest in pursuing a career in music one day. Having studied music and drama in her final years of school, Karamel entered a talent competition on J-Nas' late night show on the BBC Asian Network. She went on to win the competition aged 17, which earned an opportunity to record in the studio with J-Nas. Karamel's debut single 'I'm So Into U' proved to be an eye-catching hit, having been released on prolific compilations, '' and 'Essential Asian R&B'. As a result she was rewarded with a recording contract by Envy Entertainment and a chance to pursue her dream of a career

J-Nas, the hip hop persona of Sanj was born in Dallas, TX which is J-Nas' second home. While in the US, J-Nas was influenced and addicted to the bass and beats of hip hop and this is where J-Nas hip career started. Having experimented with South Asian music while living in Canada and starting his music career in Canada and produced several hit South Asian mix tapes. J-Nas mastered the beats and sounds of hip hop and started receiving recognition in the Dallas club scene, and in a short period become the resident DJ at Hot spots such as the now Defunct Iguana Mirage and Detour. J-Nas' club residencies gave him the freedom to experiment on crowds, and the clubs of the Dallas night scene. It was here that J-Nas grew and nurtured his music to perfection. The mainstream arena has benefited J-Nas, brand of music and style, having worked with the Canadian pop stars Sugar Jones, reggae icon Shabba Ranks, British stars DJ Luck and MC Neat, Liberty X and House DJ Tim Deluxe, and the First Lady

Punjabi hip hop artist DEEP is taking hip hop to another level, literally. His sophmore album 'IN TRUNKS NOW' has sold copies in over 7 different countries worldwide. The album epitomizes the true essence of the third coast verse third world variety of music. DEEP has collaborated with many of the heavy hitters in the industry such as SLIM THUG, TOO SHORT, DAVID BANNER, BIG POKEY and JNAS and more to bring you a true timepiece in music. DEEP is being credited with creating a new form of music. Artistically, there are not too many artists who can hang with the likes of DA 1. DEEP has been on the circuit since he was 11 years old. What started as simple freestyles for quarters in the cafeteria has now escalated to a global business. Hardwork, determination, will created a path for DEEP to follow. Deep represents what a true artist should through his music, freedom of artistic expression.

Jasvinder Singh is the most promising ghazal singer of this generation with a soft and silky voice and has proved his mettel as an artist who has ghazals in his blood. Literally so, as he is the son of famous music director Kuldip Singh of Saath Saath (Tum ko dekha to yeh khayal aaya),and Ankush fame (Itni shakti hamen de na data). Jasvinder primerily learned music under the watchful and selfless guidance of his father. Jasvinder got initial training in classical vocals from Pt Ajay pohankar and continues to be under the tutorship of Dr. Sushila Pohankar.The ghazal maestro Shri Jagjit singh has also given lot of encouragement and has inspired Jasvinder’s work. After years of fine tuning , he has perfected the nuances of ghazal Gayaki that differentiates the ordinary from the rare. He has also been awarded the Best Singer & has stood 1st in the Mega finals of the most popular zee's musical programme TVS Sa-Re-Ga-Ma.(he was awarded the trophy of the outstanding singer by Eminent maes

Born raised and still surviving in East London’s notorious Hackney aka Murder Mile. We see this young man of such articulate and smart dress sense. As a kid growing up in Hackney in his early days the G3 NEE easily found the love for ragga music. This was easily achieved as his mates and surroundings heavily influenced him. Learning to pick up the mic and rock it was different as he was the only Indian amongst many Jamaicans apart from his younger brother Addy Daddy. The love on the mic grew as the days went by. He was inspired and still is inspired by the greats such as Super Cat, Shabba Ranks, Junior Cat, Nico Demus, Junior Demus, Nardo Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Coca Tea, Sanchez, Tony Rebel, Mad Cobra, Ninja Man, Terry Ganzie, Papa San, Sister Nancy, Brigider Gerry, Monkey Man, Terror Fabolous, Major Mackeral, Daddy Skrew, Buju Banton, Bounti Killa and many more. This was the pivitol and most important part in the uprising and learning curb of the vibe behind the G3 NEE as and artist an

Kenz Desai, originally from Gujarat India, currently resides in North Carolina, USA. Whilst growing up in Zambia, he was keen to take on anything musical as a very young child. Proving to be a musical prodigy when he started playing indian film tunes on a battery operated organ at the age 5. Kenz’s father Kirit Desai, an idol in his eyes, was a recording artist/singer/writer for All-India Radio. 30 years on his fathers songs still get airplay on radio. At a tender age of 12, (see pic above) Kenz was already showing signs that he was on his way to follow in his fathers footsteps. Nearly every style of musical instrument was to hand whilst Kenz was growing up. His first performance was at the age of 6 when he performed for National TV in his fathers band playing the bongos. Kenz grew up performing to packed housed on a regular basis so stage fright was not in this guys vocabulary. Keen to keep it musical, at the age of 14, he became a music director to an all-kids band called ‘Sarga

Lil Sach is the younger brother of the astounding producer Sanj. He followed the example of his brother and began producing at the age of 19. His love for music has always been a big part of his life, and he has made a huge contribution to the fusion of North American Desi beats. He has been apart of the Envy camp for over 3 years now. Lil Sach is a young man with a big attitude. He has a black belt in Kenpo karate and was a wrestler for the Roman Greco national wrestling league in Dallas, Texas. Anything goes with his music styles, depending on his mood. He has a knack for doing things his own way. Lil Sach is best known of ‘Lengha Vaalia' from ‘Death Jam 2004'. Also the smash hit ‘Lishkaray Teray Kokay Da' and ‘Sara Pindh Mitra Da' from the double platinum selling album ‘Next of King'. His envy compilations include his first album self titled ‘Lil Sach', ‘Pure Hip Hop volume 3', and ‘Next Of Kin'. In between touring and promotional work he is also busy in the studios working on h

DJ Sanj started out with remixing desi tunes as a hobby. His innovation and passion for music later made him one of the top icons of the UK and North American desi music scene. Before DJ Sanj stormed the UK Asian music scene, he was well known for his deejaying and remixing skills. His crew, known as Asian Boyz Club (ABC), was famous for releasing independent remix albums in North America. ABC's albums like 'Vibes to Extacy' and 'Arabian Nights' series were massive hits, selling in large numbers worldwide. In 2000, the summer release of his album, catapulted him to the top. The album climbed the UK music charts and DJ Sanj won a place on the coveted cover of Eastern Eye magazine, UK's largest south Asian entertainment tabloid. After that came several hit albums like Master of Destiny and Pure Hip Hop Vol 1 in 2001, Reload in 2002, America's Most Wanted 1 & 2, the massive E.P. Hype in 2003, Sanj Vs Adnan Sami in 2004 and D-Unit in 2005. In the UK alone, 100,000 of his albums have been

Taz, a British Born Asian raised in Warwickshire UK, established himself as a recording artist with the release of his debut album ‘Hit the Deck’. He stormed the UK Asian pop charts for thirty-six weeks at number 1. The album went on to become one of the biggest selling Asian fusion releases of all time. Described as the pioneer of pop fusion, a lyricist, composer and producer, Taz quickly became the embodiment of cross-cultural music. He heralded a new era in which crossover music became the pursuit of many young British Asians. His music is best described as a hybrid of Traditional Asia fused with Western pop sensibility, infectious melodies and dynamic dance grooves. Some of Taz's influences are George Michael, Prince, Jam & Lewis, Babyface, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, R D Burman, Gurdas Maan, Kuldip Manak and Zapp!!! To name a few… Taz is Asian rooted yet inspired by British/American ideologies; this eventually brought about a stronger experimental reggae influence into his music and

Shayn , he looks like a typical boy next door, but Shayn is anything but typical. Singer/song writer Shayn is a Star, A star that has been in the making since the age of 5. With a passion for singing and songwriting Shayn has music flowing through his veins, it’s in his blood. Literally. His grandfather was a poet and writer and both his parents are singers. His parents influenced and assisted Shayn with his vocals and encouraged him in his singing career. With a gene pool like that, it’s no wonder Shayn’s such a natural. Shayn has performed all over the east coast. He has also performed at prestigious events such as the Bollywood Fashion Awards 2006, as well as many charity events in New York. Additionally, Shayn has already been interviewed by many different media giants such as MTV Desi, South Asian Insider, and many local news channels around New York and Washington D.C. Shayn's music is an influence of Indian-Classical, Bollywood, POP and Hip-Hop. He was introduced to SANJ/JNAS

The Intelligent aviator, super model and now an actor has stepped into the world of Bollywood. Most people recognize Ameet Gaurr from his days as a super model in India. Already a known face in the fashion industry Ameet has forayed into the film world and is here to stay and make a mark on Bollywood with his acting skills. Striking a right balance between work and play this guy is surely focused on doing what he thrives and lives to do, ACTING!!!! A pilot by profession, conquering various heights has done his aviation from Tyler International School of Aviation (Texas). Ameet has been born and bought up in the city of dreams; MUMBAI. Having spent four years in the fashion industry and reaching the pinnacle, Amit has worked with the best designers like Manish Malhotra, Aki Narula, Tarun Tahiliani, Hemant Trivedi, Vikram Phadnis, Ritu Beri, Rocky s and many more. He has to his credit campaigns for Santro, Kit-Kat, LG, Garnier Frutis, Sheetal, Roopam, Provogue,Boro Plus with Kareena